This Sunday we celebrate Father's Day and we would like to suggest a surprise for Dad on his day. That is why we bring you a recipe for a super refreshing and simple cocktail made by Thalia Talavera. If your dad is one of those who prefers exotic flavors with a touch of bitterness, this drink is perfect to enjoy on that special day ... We can´t promise he will only want one!


Below is the recipe as prepared by @Thalia.talavera from @sibarisbarranco


- 8-10 leaves of mint.

- 2 to 3 tsp brown sugar.

- 1/4 oz of lemon juice.

- 6 - 8 fresh orange slices.

- 2 oz of gin Tanqueray.

- Tonic to complete.

- Whole ice and crushed.



- Add the first 4 ingredients and crush until unifying and exploiting the aromas and flavors.

- Add 2 ice cubes and the gin Tanqueray.

- Stir slightly to homogenize.

- Add crushed ice and a splash of tonic to complete.

- Finish with a little more crushed ice.

- Garnish with mint and / or mint leaves and a dried orange slice.


If you are looking for details for Father's Day, surprise him with this Cocktail that he will surely love!

We hope you enjoy it and happy Father's Day!